Antonis Pinotsis

Associate Asset Management

Give us a brief overview of your role.

I joined GSI in February 2021 as the Asset Manager responsible for the solar and combined heat and power (CHP) portfolios. In my first year at GSI, I concentrated on technical asset management and optimization, conducting site visits with our operations and maintenance teams and focusing on asset performance, including some repowering projects. Eventually, my role evolved into financial, technical, and compliance asset management. My primary goal is to ensure that we meet our yearly financial and contractual commitments, establish strong relationships with our off-takers, and increase value for our shareholders.

What is the most memorable moment you have had working for GSI?

The most memorable moment was the day I met my new colleagues following the Saturn Power acquisition. I traveled for the first time to Canadian Office at the end of April to meet everyone. It was fascinating to explore the new city and see the office. Not only was it very exciting to meet my new colleagues, but it was also exciting for GSI’s expansion into new horizons. It was also a moment to reflect on the great work that both teams put in over the past year to take the acquisition to the finish line.

What led you to a career in asset management, and more specifically in the renewables sector?

During my master’s degree program in Mechanical Engineering, I focused on Energy Systems. I completed five courses related to energy and infrastructure that introduced me to the industry and its terminology. One of the courses was specifically about Solar Energy, and after finishing it, I conducted a research project in the professor’s lab. By the time I graduated, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the Renewable Energy industry.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that your colleagues might not know.

I have spent my summer taking sailing courses on the Hudson River, and it has been an enjoyable experience. I have recently received certification, and during the test, we encountered a storm which taught me how to adapt to more challenging weather conditions.

What do you enjoy most about living in New York City?

I like the diversity of New York City; there are so many options for recreational activities, universities, museums, restaurants, and parks. It’s a city with millions of people, and everyone has a different story. The possibilities are endless, and that’s why it’s the city of opportunity.

How do you relax outside of work?

I usually go to Central Park and hang out with friends there. I also really enjoy swimming and wall climbing; I try to do these activities a couple of times a week when I’m not very busy.

What is one thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list?

I would like to travel across the Mediterranean and try all the different cuisines each destination offers.

What is a personal accomplishment that you are proud of?

In 2014, I volunteered at the Doctors Without Borders fundraising department in Athens, Greece, and we managed to meet the fundraising goal at the end of the year. That was a great achievement for me.

Rapid Fire Favourites

  • Movie: The Martian
  • Musician(s): The Rolling Stones
  • Restaurant (City): Raoul’s (New York City)
  • Food: Fish
  • City: Athens, Greece