Noa Weingarten

Legal Counsel

Give us a brief overview of your role.

I am an in-house legal counsel for GSI. I draft, review and negotiate a wide range of commercial contracts related to options and leases, project development, procurement and financing transactions while working closely with different departments. Additionally, I advise and provide support on corporate governance related issues to ensure compliance with various regulatory bodies.

What is the most memorable moment you have had working for GSI?

My most memorable moment was my first interview for GSI as well as my recent visit to the headquarters in New York City. I was looking to transition in-house and the renewables industry began soaring with tax incentives fueled by increasing social support for green energy and environmental preservation. Recognizing the industry’s burgeoning potential and its alignment with my values, I decided to apply for roles in the renewable sector. My first interview of 1 hour was with David Brattan – David talked for the vast majority of the interview and at the end said to me “I hope that all my talking did not scare you away”. The following week I accepted the offer. Also, earlier this month, I had the privilege of visiting the office in NYC, meeting all of the executive team, and forming meaningful relationships with colleagues I have only interacted with so far via Teams. I will definitely be back!

What led you to pursuing a career as a lawyer, and more specifically in the renewables sector?

While my initial career plans did not include becoming a lawyer, life steered me in that direction. Academic performance and success on the LSAT opened the doors to law school, leading me to pursue a legal career which I find very fulfilling. Along the way, the media’s increasing focus on the renewable energy industry caught my attention, inspiring me to explore opportunities in that evolving field.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that your colleagues might not know.

I got into scuba diving around 2018 during a trip to the Galapagos, and I totally fell for the underwater scene. Being down there with a tank, checking out all the marine life – that’s my kind of therapy!

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I rock climb a couple of times a week and watch reality shows and documentaries. I like to spend time with my partner, friends, family and my dog – Chica.

What is one thing you’d like to cross off your bucket list?

Visit and scuba dive in the islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. I would also love to do a 20-day cruise to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands and explore the unique beauty of these remote and captivating destinations.

Rapid Fire Favorites

  • Movie: Harry Potter
  • Musician: Coldplay
  • Restaurant: Amal (Toronto)
  • Food: Schnitzel
  • Sports Team: The Raptors
  • City: Mexico City or Rio De Janeiro